SharePoint Security starts with
Security Manager for SharePoint

Security Manager for SharePoint
Easily discover, modify and manage your environment's users and permissions, all from one easy-to-use tool.
  • Detailed Reports: Run reports listing user and group permissions for sites, lists, or items as well as for specific objects. Discover who has access to objects, where there are orphaned users, and run inventory reports.
  • Discovery: Find users and content that have been "orphaned" as a result of employee turnover as well as disabled or deleted users who still have access.
  • Manage: Easily perform administrative tasks such as permissions and object transfer individually or en-masse, user management including mass permission granting/revoking and group management from a single interface.
  • Take Action Remotely: Quickly copy, add, edit, and delete SharePoint groups, users, permissions, and permission levels between farms, collections, sites, lists, and items. Compatible with multi-farm, multi-tenant, and hybrid setups. No need for server side installation.
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Security Manager for SharePoint


The Challenge with SharePoint Security

Keeping track of who has access to what content isn’t easy in SharePoint. It can even be challenging to change security permissions across multiple SharePoint sites or farms. Security Manager for SharePoint can help.

Analyze and manage SharePoint permissions in real-time across multiple SharePoint site collections and farms. With Security Manager, administrators can see and manage what a user has access to; identify orphaned users; and compare or synchronize permissions across SharePoint or Office 365, including hybrid environments.

Take control of your SharePoint permissions today! Or combine with our Informant solution and take complete control of your content security.

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The MetaVis Solution for SharePoint Security

Maintaining a SharePoint environment's security and permissions is a full time job. Whether you're working in a single environment or across an entire farm or tenant, keeping track of your users, your groups, group membership, and content permissions is hard. It's also essential for maintaining the integrity and security of your content. With Security Manager for SharePoint, all of the information and administration options are at your fingertips.

  • Analyze - You can run reports to identify users, groups, group membership, and permission or any site, list or item. You can see which users have been deactivated and what orphaned content they have left behind. There is even the option to compare permissions in order to figure out where actual permissions are in conflict with your intended permissions.
  • Take Action - After identifying any potential security concerns or permissions issues, you can easily take corrective action. Remove permissions, add, edit and delete SharePoint groups, users, permissions and permission levels, and even transfer permissions from one user or group to another.

With Security Manager for SharePoint, security administration is a breeze.



Detailed Reporting and Analysis:

Rather than muddling through countles Excel files, looking through individual files, and searching for specific data, MetaVis performs the analysis for you. The platform scours your environment and compiles information about your users and permissions that lets you know how your content is being shared and who has access to it.


Discover Security Flaws: 

Discover orphaned users as a result of employee turnover, disabled, and deleted users who still have access, determine what objects users have access to. See who has access to an object or what objects are accessible to a user. 


Manage Your Users and Their Access: 

Perform object and permissions transfers individually or en-masse as well as mass cloning/granting/revoking of permissions to ensure that users have no more and no less access than they are supposed to have. Re-Map user accounts and add or remove users from permissions groups on the fly at the push of a button. 


Take Action: 

Copy, add, edit, and delete users, permissions, and permission levels between farms, site collections, sites, lists, and items based on information found in the automated reports or on your business and administrative needs.


Permissions Management:

Run an automated permissions report on your entire environment. Find out which permissions are assigned to which objects, copy permissions across sites, lisi, libraries, and even individual files. Create, edit, copy, and delete permissions individually or in bulk. Break or restore permissions inheritance. 


 Perform Group Maintenance:

Discover, create, edit, copy,transfer, clone, and delte permission groups within your SharePoint environment. Determine which objects a group has access to and manage the users who are in said group.


Platform Agnostic: 

Whether your environment is all on-premise, all in the cloud, or a hybrid environment involving some implementation of the two, it is supported. Get the same functionality across SharePoint, Office 365, OneDrive, and more. MetaVis utilizes multithreading and an agentless solution to get the most perofmance and compatiblity out of the resources made available through your environment. Installing on a workstation, laptop, or virtual maching means that you can get be managing your environment within minutes without touching or installing anything on your servers. 


 System Wide Actions and Reports:

The reports and their corrsponding actions built into administrator work on folders, lists, sites, site collections and even farm/tenancy level. Administrators can even multi select these object as well as My Sites and OneDrive for Business personal sites. No matter what you need to manage or where it is, Security Manger has you covered. 


Why MetaVis?

No Server Install Required: MetaVis Products run on the client side, on a desktop or server, and connect remotely to your SharePoint environment. (Read: The MetaVis Approach to Building Applications for SharePoint)

Easy to Maintain: A client-side design model means you only have to update the application on the machine you have it installed on. MetaVis provides an management environment that alerts you when you log into the application that there are updates, which you can then easily get installed by closing and re-opening the application.

Fast Time-to-Value: Our solutions install in minutes, adopt in hours and drive tangible business value in a few days or less. MetaVis designs enterprise-class solutions without all the hassle required by similarly featured offerings. We are a pure software development company that has built 100% of our solutions and believe in design and innovation first.

Comprehensive Platform Support

  • Support for On-Premises / Hosted / Office 365 SharePoint / Multitenancy & Dedicated
  • Support for OneDrive for Business, File Shares, Google Docs, and other pervasive cloud-based content destinations
  • Support for SharePoint 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013
  • Support for SharePoint Enterprise, Standard, Foundation, WSS, MOSS, Portal
  • Support for 40+ Authentication Schemes
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