Office 365 Migration & Management starts with
Office 365 Suite

Office 365 Suite
Analysis, migration, administration, and backup. Everything you need to foster a robust Office 365 environment at the tip of your fingers.
  • Analysis and Discovery: Easily analyze your SharePoint Environment and find valuable information about site and user activity and data growth via robust reports.
  • Migration: Easily migrate content, lists, libraries, sites, workflows, webparts, permissions, metadata, managed metadata services and more from Google Apps/ Drive and SharePoint with one, easy-to-use tool.
  • Security & Permissions: Discover, analyze, and manage users and permissions across multiple SharePoint site collections and farms. Easily identify and correct accessibility and security issues from a single location.
  • Backup: Easily create, manage, and restore backups of site collections, sites, lists, libraries, content, views, permissions, fields, etc.
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Office 365 Suite


The Challenge with Office 365

There are many benefits of a software as a service (SaaS) offering like Office 365, the biggest being that you don’t have to manage infrastructure, and can instead focus on the proper management of your content. It's little wonder that so many organizations are moving to the cloud.

MetaVis Office 365 Suite includes tools for both Office 365 migration and administration to accelerate your on-boarding process and manage your environment once it is moved. From the powerful and intuitive Migrator for SharePoint to the user friendly dashboard and reports in the Office 365 Administration module, security management options for Office 365 with Security Manager, and scheduled backups with Office 365 Backup, Office 365 Suite delivers all the tools you need in one package.

I love using the Metavis Platform Pre-Migration Analysis report to help me plan my migrations more successfully.  I can use it to set up resource allocation and trouble shoot areas before I migrate them.

- Dorinda Reyes, Buildingi

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The MetaVis Solution for Office 365

When moving to Office 365, while you benefit from no longer needing to manage the infrastructure, the day-to-day administration is just as important as ever. MetaVis Office 365 suite has all the tools to take you from onboarding to long term administration and management. Complex analysis, migration, and management are made simpler by the feature rich tools of the Office 365 suite.

  • Administrator – Utilize the interactive dashboards and reports to discover vital information about your environments. The reports give you a unique insight into user activity, site engagement, and data growth patterns with which you can determine what data is most relevant and how to best configure and scale your Office 365 environment for an optimal user experience.
  • Migrator – Once you’ve completed the analysis and are ready to move into Office 365, you can use Migrator to migrate content and objects, even lists, libraries, sites, and permissions individually or in bulk all while preserving for even changing your metadata according to your business needs. Moving from SharePoint on premise (all versions), or Google is as simple as clicking a button.
  • Security Manager - Both before and after your migration, Security Manager is an essential administration tool. Identify orphaned SharePoint users, transfer permissions, and resolve potential security issues across your sites and even your farms. 

If you’ve gone through all the trouble of building out your environment and migrating all of your content, why would you neglect to protect all of your content? With Office 365 Suite, you can let MetaVis safeguard your environment for you.

  • Backup – Protect your content from accidental deletions or service interruptions. Schedule backups that can be quickly restored en-masse or even on an item level, so you never have to worry about losing data or needing to roll back your environment.

Moving into the cloud can be a challenging, but rewarding endeavor. Whether you’re coming from a FAT/NTFS file system, exchange public folders, Google Apps/Drives, SharePoint or OneDrive for Business, MetaVis Office 365 Suite can help make it an easy and efficient undertaking. 


Analyze, Assess & Action Your Content
Backup, Archive, Restore SharePoint On-Prem & Office 365
Migrate, Download, Classify
Bulk Migrate Google Drives to OneDrive or SharePoint
Migrate, Re-Organize, Maintain
Analyze, Manage, Secure

Feature List

Copy Content

Copy Web Content

Copy Lists and Libraries

Copy Sites

Copy Google Drives to SharePoint

Other SharePoint Objects and Functions

Supported Site Templates

  • Team Sites
  • Publishing Sites
  • Meeting Workspaces
  • Document Workspaces
  • BLOGs
  • Express Team Sites
  • Portal Sites

Supported Column Types

  • Managed Metadata Fields
  • Enterprise Keywords Field
  • Lookup Fields
  • Multi-Value Fields
  • Date, Number, Currency, Text, Note, Checkbox Fields
  • Choice Fields
  • Person or Group Fields
  • Hyperlink Fields

Supported Environments

  • Support for On-Premise SharePoint
  • Support for Hosted / Office 365 SharePoint
  • Support for SharePoint 2003 (source only), 2007, 2010 and 2013
  • Support for SharePoint Enterprise, Standard, Foundation, WSS, MOSS, Portal
  • Support for 40+ Authentication Schemes


  • Seat Based Licensing
  • Host Based Licensing Available
  • Volume Based Licensing
  • Subscription Licensing (e.g. Annual)

Why MetaVis?

No Server Install Required: MetaVis Products run on the client side, on a desktop or server, and connect remotely to your SharePoint environment. (Read: The MetaVis Approach to Building Applications for SharePoint)

Easy to Maintain: A client-side design model means you only have to update the application on the machine you have it installed on. MetaVis provides an management environment that alerts you when you log into the application that there are updates, which you can then easily get installed by closing and re-opening the application.

Fast Time-to-Value: Our solutions install in minutes, adopt in hours and drive tangible business value in a few days or less. MetaVis designs enterprise-class solutions without all the hassle required by similarly featured offerings. We are a pure software development company that has built 100% of our solutions and believe in design and innovation first.

Comprehensive Platform Support

  • Support for On-Premises / Hosted / Office 365 SharePoint / Multitenancy & Dedicated
  • Support for OneDrive for Business, File Shares, Google Docs, and other pervasive cloud-based content destinations
  • Support for SharePoint 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013
  • Support for SharePoint Enterprise, Standard, Foundation, WSS, MOSS, Portal
  • Support for 40+ Authentication Schemes


Content Under Management PriceUnlimited Annual Support
75 GB$279520%Buy it Now
150 GB$419520%Buy it Now
Over 150 GB - Please use Contact Us link to Request a QuoteRequest a Quote
  • License Type: Content Under Management
  • License Period: Perpetual
  • Support Type: Unlimited Phone or Email Support
  • Unlimited Migrations: Yes
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