Google Drive Migration starts with
Migrator for Google Drive

Migrator for Google Drive
Changing environments is a big job, let us do the heavy lifting.
  • Google Drives to OneDrive: Easily provision OneDrive accounts and migrate content from Google Drives.
  • All-Inclusive: Whether you're moving to SharePoint, Office 365, or directly into OneDrives, it all happens with the press of a button.
  • Convert & Preserve: Convert native Google documents, presentations, tables, version histories, comments, metadata, permissions, and sharing options to the Microsoft Office/SharePoint format.
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Migrator for Google Drive


The Challenge with Google Drives

Is your organization’s content spread across a number of Google Drives? How many times have you needed a particular report or presentation and had to dig through folders to find it? Are your employees unknowingly opening the door to confidential and secure information via their Google Drive?  

Maybe your organization recently acquired another company with content stored within Google Drive and now you need a quick and easy way to get that content into your SharePoint environment.  

As an IT Manager, your first step in a situation like this is to get a better handle on the content your organization creates and manages. That means consolidating content into a centrally managed location such as Office 365 SharePoint and OneDrive. MetaVis has the solution to help find, oranize and migrate your content into Office 365 SharePoint quickly and easily.  

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The MetaVis Solution for Google Drives

Although they are both content management and collaboration systems, Google Drive and OneDrive are very different products. Moving between the two without the proper tools can be problematic to say the least, and the results have the potential to be less than stellar. With MetaVis Migrator for Google Drive, all of these potential problems can be mitigated. From beginning to end, Migrator for Google Drive has you covered.

  • OneDrive Provisioning - Provision OneDrives individually or en-masse through a simple to use GUI.
  • Migration - Migrate Google Drives to OneDrive including documents, version histories, comments, metadata, content permissions and sharing options. Optionally use robust filters and mapping to control what is migrated and where it goes.
  • Conversion - Convert native Google documents, presentations, tables, drawings, version histories, and sharing settings to the appropriate Office/SharePoint formats.

A Google Drive to SharePoint/OneDrive migration can be a daunting proposition. Let Migrator for Google Drive turn a mountain back into a molehill.



Migration as you Need it:

Migrate individual files from Google Drive, entire Google Drives, or all of the drives in your environment to OneDrive for Business. Migrate individual objects or many objects in bulk.


Permissions Conversion:

In order to mitigate the differences in permissions structure and sharing settings to a format that is compatible with the structure and settings of OneDrive. 


Granular File Control: 

Take control over your files and folders whether they're coming from file shares, SharePoint, or another content management system. Retain permissions, assign metadata, replace invalid characters, flatten folder structure, maintain core properties/approval status and more while migrating, uploading to your environment or downloading to your filesystem.


Complete Metadata Control: 

Preserve or enhance created/modified properties, approval status, set field values, set managed metadata during migration, and re-classify documents as needed or based on file/folder path.


Post-Migration Verification: 

Use auto-generated reports to determine data fidelity and perform post-migration verification. Reports can be automatically sent to the proper users via email or saved directly to SharePoint lists or to the user's OneDrive.



MetaVis utilizes multithreading to get the most performance out of the resources allocated to the program. Install to a workstation, laptop, or Virtual Machine and migrate without touching your/your client's infrastructure. 


Automated File Conversion:

Rather than bringing over legacy documents that are still in Google's proprietary format, needing to convert them post migration or download and convert thm before uploading them to OneDive manually, conversion of the files is taken care of automatically during the mirgration.


Schedule and Automate:

Automate your migration through scripting via command prompt, PowerShell, or uploading to Windows Task Scheduler. Run multiple migrations without needing to be at your worstation. Schedule migrations for Off-hours or in order to stage migrations to optimize network resources.


Why MetaVis?

People count on you to deliver Office 365 & Microsoft Hybrid services - and keep them running optimally for maximum information worker productivity. But limited visibility and no unified set of tools to manage and support them creates big challenges that stand between you and your goals. The MetaVis Operation Manager is here to help!

A Single, Unified Platform: The MetaVis platform runs on the client side, (desktop, server, or virtualized machine,) and connects remotely to your Office 365, SharePoint, or other content management environment. The MetaVis Platform is a single console with a single codebase and a unified interface to see how your Microsoft Office 365 & hybrid investments are performing at all times, automate key processes, and take a service-centric approach to mapping, deliver, and assurance. (Read: MetaVis Approach to Building Applications for SharePoint)

Responsive: The MetaVis development team provides weekly updates for the platform ensuring an ever-improving tool that is better able to respond to changes and updates in cloud-based content management systems. The client-side design model means you don't need to risk service interruptions in order to benefit from updates. You only have to update the application on the machine on which it is installed.

Extensible, Usability-focused Development: The MetaVis platform was built from a single code base and is designed to be extensible in order to fit the needs of all users, wheter they are end users attempting to manage content or enterprise-level IT administrators searching for an end-to-end solution for content administration. MetaVis works around the clock developing new features and solutions to improve productivity and return on your Microsoft investment. 

  • Support for Office 365 SharePoint / On-Premise / Hosted / Multi-tenancy & Dedicated
  • Support for OneDrive for Business, File Shares, Google Docs, and other cloud-based content environments.
  • Support for SharePoint 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013
  • Support for SharePoint Enterprise, Standard, Foundation, WSS, MOSS, Portal
  • Support for 40+ Authentication Schemes
  • Supports Exchange, Tenant Administration, and Active Directory Profile Management
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