SharePoint File Management starts with
File Manager

File Manager
Complete control of your files, folders, permissions, and metadata all from a single feature rich tool.
  • Manage Metadata: Preserve, enhance, or assign metadata. Optionally extract metadata from filesystem folders and map to SharePoint Columns.
  • Bulk Upload: Perform bulk file migrations by uploading files or folders from a file system to any SharePoint environment, including Office 365.
  • Complete Management and Retention: Replace invalid characters, convert versioning, and retain permissions all without lifting a finger.
  • Download: Extract content, versions, and metadata to a fileshare to facilitate offline migrations.

File Manager


The Challenge with SharePoint File Management

More than likely you have a number of documents distributed throughout your file shares that you want to migrate into your SharePoint environment. Migrate them the right way and ensure that key metadata comes with each file!

File Manager for SharePoint allows you to upload and classify in one step - no needs for tedious editing of each document in SharePoint to populate metadata. Retain critical metadata including authorship information as you upload file system content.

Use File Manager to download/offboard SharePoint content for archiving or offline migrations and when required, you will be able to upload this content back to SharePoint.

File Manager is simple and easy to use - get started today!

The MetaVis Solution for SharePoint File Management

Your content is complex, your environment is vast, and a great deal of time and effort has gone into ensuring that your users experience a certain level of efficiency and productivity. So why risk developing content sprawl? MetaVis File Manager can help you migrate, classify, and manage your content, all from one easy-to-understand, feature rich interface.

  • Bulk Migrate - Perform bulk migrations by uploading multiple files or folders from a file system to any SharePoint environment, including Office 365.
  • Manage Item and Folder Metadata - Preserve and enhance metadata such as created and modified information or assign new metadata values while uploading. Extract metadata from file system folders and map to SharePoint columns. Additionally, you have the option to remove folders or flatten folder structure.
  • Retain Permissions and Versions - File system permissions are automatically mapped to SharePoint permissions during upload and true versioned documents are created in SharePoint based on the psuedo-versioning in the file system.
  • Clean Content - Automatically replace invalid SharePoint characters in your file and folder names.
  • Upload via Spreadsheet - Upload files and metadata from your file system to SharePoint using an Excel or CSV spreadsheet
  • Schedule Migration - Schedule SharePoint migrations for overnight or weekend operations to minimize interactions with the business users.
  • Download/Offboarding - Extract content, versions, and metadata to a file share for archiving or to facilitate offline migrations.
Take total control of your content with MetaVis File Manager.

Why MetaVis?

No Server Install Required: MetaVis Products run on the client side, on a desktop or server, and connect remotely to your SharePoint environment. (Read: The MetaVis Approach to Building Applications for SharePoint)

Easy to Maintain: A client-side design model means you only have to update the application on the machine you have it installed on. MetaVis provides an management environment that alerts you when you log into the application that there are updates, which you can then easily get installed by closing and re-opening the application.

Fast Time-to-Value: Our solutions install in minutes, adopt in hours and drive tangible business value in a few days or less. MetaVis designs enterprise-class solutions without all the hassle required by similarly featured offerings. We are a pure software development company and believe in design and innovation first.

Comprehensive Platform Support

  • Support for On-Premises SharePoint
  • Support for Hosted / Office 365 SharePoint
  • Support for SharePoint 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013
  • Support for SharePoint Enterprise, Standard, Foundation, WSS, MOSS, Portal
  • Support for 40+ Authentication Schemes
  • Support for SharePoint 2013 Only
  • Support for SharePoint 2007, 2010 and 2013
  • Support for File Shares, Google Docs, and other pervasive cloud-based content destinations
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