SharePoint Migration starts with
Migration Suite

Migration Suite
All the tools for a successful migration, right at your fingertips.
  • File Migration/Management: Migrate files and folders from file shares to SharePoint individually or in bulk. Retain permissions, assign metadata, replace invalid characters and more.
  • Pre&Post-Migration Analysis: Generate a report that identifies content and objects that have the potential to negatively impact your migration. Perform post migration data verification through automated comparison.
  • SharePoint Migration: Migrate farms, tenancies, site collections, sites, content, lists, libraries, workflows, webparts, permissions, metadata, term stores, and more from one easy-to-understand interface.
  • All Inclusive & Agentless: Compatible with multiple on premise and cloud based environments. Including file systems, SharePoint on-premise, Office 365, OneDrive, and hybrid setups. No need for server side installation.
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Migration Suite


The Challenge with SharePoint Migration

As organizations change, adjust, and develop, their content must follow. Whether you need to upgrade SharePoint from an older version, get out of messy file shares, or just need to reorganize your SharePoint environment, MetaVis Migration Suite for SharePoint includes all the options you will need to complete anything from the basic to the most complex migration tasks in one SharePoint Migration tool.

Download and install the full functionality trial and begin to migrate to SharePoint in as little as 5 minutes.

This tool really stands out in usability, functionality, and accuracy. Without at doubt, if you require a fail safe migration solution, I sincerely reccommend the MetaVis Migration Suite.

-Carmon Rienhart, CIBER

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The MetaVis Solution for SharePoint Migration

The MetaVis Migration Suite is everything you need in order to carry out a successful migration. Whether you're moving from a file system, Exchange public folders, Google Drive, or between SharePoint instances in your farm or tenant, Migration Suite's tools can make a complex migration that much simpler.

The first step in any successful migration is knowing what is in your environment that needs to be moved. As complex as this may sound, MetaVis Migration Suite has this covered. With the pre-migration analysis functionality, you can scan file systems and SharePoint to identify any possible hindrances to your migration.

Once you've corrected the issues brought forward in the pre-migration analysis, you can get going with the migration, where you can:

  • Migrate- Copy, move, and upload objects such as web parts, permissions, sites, lists, libraries, views, fields, groups, permissions, and files from file systems, SharePoint, Google Drives, and Public Folders individually or in bulk. 
  • Re-Classify- Change the metadata for your content on the fly. Editing can be done granularly or in bulk during migration or upload.
  • Automate- Your migration can be scheduled through the tool, uploaded to Windows Task Scheduler, or run via Powershell or Command line.

Best of all, these complex tasks can be carried out without any server side installs. The MetaVis Migration Suite can help make your migration efficient and successful without any added hassle.

Suite Includes

Migrate, Download, Classify
Bulk Migrate Google Drives to OneDrive or SharePoint
Migrate, Re-Organize, Maintain

Feature List

Copy Content

Copy Web Content

Copy Lists and Libraries

Copy Sites

Copy Google Drives to SharePoint

Other SharePoint Objects and Functions

Supported Site Templates

  • Team Sites
  • Publishing Sites
  • Meeting Workspaces
  • Document Workspaces
  • BLOGs
  • Express Team Sites
  • Portal Sites

Supported Column Types

  • Managed Metadata Fields
  • Enterprise Keywords Field
  • Lookup Fields
  • Multi-Value Fields
  • Date, Number, Currency, Text, Note, Checkbox Fields
  • Choice Fields
  • Person or Group Fields
  • Hyperlink Fields

Supported Environments

  • Support for On-Premise SharePoint
  • Support for Hosted / Office 365 SharePoint
  • Support for SharePoint 2003 (source only), 2007, 2010 and 2013
  • Support for SharePoint Enterprise, Standard, Foundation, WSS, MOSS, Portal
  • Support for 40+ Authentication Schemes


  • Seat Based Licensing
  • Host Based Licensing Available
  • Volume Based Licensing



Pre-Migration Analysis:

Generate an automated report that identifies potential pain points in your migration. Potential issues are identified and color coded by order of severity. The report allows you to address potential hindrances to your migration before you begin,.


Schedule and Automate: 

Automate your migration through scripting via command prompt, Powershell, or uploading to Windows task scheduler. Run multiple migrations without needing to be at your workstation. Schedule migration for Off-hours or in order to stage migrations to optimize network resources.


 Migration as you Need It: 

Migrate farms, tenancies, site collections, sites, content, lists, libraries, workflows, webparts, permissions, metadata, term stores, files, and folders. Migrate individual files or files in bulk.


 Granular File Control: 

Take control over your files and folders whether they're coming from file shares, SharePoint, or another content management system. Retain permissions, assign metadata, replace invlaid characters, flatten folder structure, maintain core properties/approval status and more while migrating, uploading to your environment, or downloading to your filesystem.


 Complete Metadata Control: 

Preserve or enhance core properties, approval status, set field values, set managed metadata during migration, and re-classify documents as needed or based on file/folder path.


 Field Preservation and Conversion: 

Preserve values for lookup fields, managed metadata fields, and approval status as well as convert string, choice, lookup, managed metadata, and person or group fields into adesired target field type.


 Automated Google Migration: 

Migrate content from Google Drive from a unified, simple interface. Move the contents of an entire google drive or just a single file while preserving or enhancing metadata, assigning or mapping permissions, and re-organizing the structure of the content.


 Platform Agnostic: 

Whether your environment is all on-premise, all in the cloud, or a hybrid environment involving some implementation of the two, it is supported. MetaVis utilizes multithreading to get the most performance out of your environment's resources. Install to a workstation, laptop, or Virtual Machine and migrate without touching your infrastructure. Get the same functionality across SharePoint, Office 365, OneDrive, and more.


Why MetaVis?

No Server Install Required: MetaVis Products run on the client side, on a desktop or server, and connect remotely to your SharePoint environment. (Read: The MetaVis Approach to Building Applications for SharePoint)

Easy to Maintain: A client-side design model means you only have to update the application on the machine you have it installed on. MetaVis provides an management environment that alerts you when you log into the application that there are updates, which you can then easily get installed by closing and re-opening the application.

Fast Time-to-Value: Our solutions install in minutes, adopt in hours and drive tangible business value in a few days or less. MetaVis designs enterprise-class solutions without all the hassle required by similarly featured offerings. We are a pure software development company that has built 100% of our solutions and believe in design and innovation first.

Comprehensive Platform Support

  • Support for On-Premises / Hosted / Office 365 SharePoint / Multitenancy & Dedicated
  • Support for OneDrive for Business, File Shares, Google Docs, and other pervasive cloud-based content destinations
  • Support for SharePoint 2003 (source only), 2007, 2010 and 2013
  • Support for SharePoint Enterprise, Standard, Foundation, WSS, MOSS, Portal
  • Support for 40+ Authentication Schemes
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